Avocado and Walnut Mills

Photo of avocado and walnut mills

Avocado and walnut mills

I have been making mills for over 12 years. This set is one of my favorite color combinations, with the beautiful avacado color contrasting with the rich warm walnut.

The mills are 5 1/2″ tall. You can also order these mills in the taller 6 1/2″ height.

I turned and carved the bases of these mills out of English sycamore, a renewable timber readily available in the UK with a lovely pale translucent grain and often used in kitchenware. The texture of the carving makes it easy to grip, even with wet hands. The sycamore has been airbrushed with acrylic inks. The tops have been turned and wire brushed to give them a great satin texture. The brass knobs also have a soft brushed finish and a black or white resin dot to make identification easy. Both mills have a durable, food safe, environmentally friendly finish, that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Both mills features a durable ceramic fully adjustable grinding mechanism. The mechanism produces unmatched consistency in grind while requiring only a slight twist to produce a significant amount of fresh, aromatic pepper or salt. The ceramic mechanism also means that any possible salt corrosion is avoided.

These mills would be a beautiful addition to your dining table or kitchen. They also make a wonderful wedding gift.

You can purchase these mills from Lokimonkey on Etsy.