Coleoptera Collection

All of these pieces were inspired by the wonderful forms, textures and colours found within the order of Coleoptera or beetles – the largest order on earth.

Salt and Pepper Mills

A range of salt and pepper mills showing some of the designs that Louise has made over the years. Available to buy from Louise Hibbert on Etsy.

Photo of Crusty Stud Earrings


Jewellery created in wood, resin, copper, silver and gold. Available to buy from Louise Hibbert on Etsy

Photo of Rhizostoma

Collaborations with Sarah Parker-Eaton

These sculptural pieces are the result of a collaboration between Louise and jeweller Sarah Parker-Eaton. They have designed and produced joint works since 2002 when they realised that much of their inspiration had a common theme.

Plankton and Pods

Thes are pieces made by Louise inspired by microscopic plankton, sea life and plant pods, including some of her older work.