Salt and Pepper Mills and Bottle Stoppers

Photo of Walnut and Green Mills

Walnut and Green Mills

A range of salt and pepper mills and bottle stoppers. Available to buy from LokiMonkey on Etsy.

One-off Pieces and Jewellery

Photo of Crusty Stud Earrings

Crusty Stud Earrings

One-off sculptural pieces and jewellery created in wood, resin, copper, silver and gold. Available to buy from Louise Hibbert on Etsy

Collaborations with Sarah Parker-Eaton

Photo of Rhizostoma sculptual piece

Rhizostoma Sculptural Piece

These sculptural pieces are the result of a collaboration between me and jeweller Sarah Parker-Eaton.  We have designed and produced joint works since 2002 when we realised that much of our inspiration had a common theme. Of course, we also continue to design and make works individually.