Photo of Louise Hibbert at work

Louise Hibbert at work

My name is Louise Hibbert and I have been making intricate boxes and handheld sculptures out of wood, plastic and metal for 21 years. Some of these are collaborations with Sarah Parker-Eaton, a jeweller based in Bedfordshire, England. These have been really fun and helped to develop both of our individual careers. I am also excited to have recently started a range of hand-fabricated jewellery made from gold, silver, copper and resin.

I grew up near Southampton, England and have always been into making things.  I studied 3D design in wood, metal, ceramics and plastics at Brighton University in England before going on to become a full-time professional maker. I moved to North Wales, which is a beautiful area, and then moved to Virginia, USA for 7 years after a 2 month residency in Philadelphia.  I have now returned to Wales where I continue to create nature inspired pieces that I exhibit in Galleries and shows around the world and sell on Etsy.com.

I have a small shed that I built in my garden where I work, which has a wonderful view down to the village promenade and the Menai Straights. I still use a 1950 Wadkin Bursgreen lathe that I love, a faithful companion that I bought second-hand when I started and who travelled with me to the States and back!

I have been fortunate enough to included in numerous publications and books including most recently New Masters of the Wooden Box by Oscar Fitzgerald.

I am constantly seeking new inspiration for my work in books, museums, on the internet and in the wild. I love microscopic creatures, marine life, beetles, bugs, seeds – particularly the weird and wonderful – basically anything that intrigues and delights me with its form, texture or color! I love trying new things and constantly push myself in terms of designs and techniques.

If you would like me to design a piece or you or if you would like to get in touch, please complete the form below.


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