Blobby Bottle Stopper

Photo of Blobby Bottle Stoppers

Blobby Bottle Stoppers

Great as a gift with a bottle of wine, or to liven up your olive oil bottle, this bottle stopper is turned, airbrushed and ‘blobbed’ using the same techniques as my one-of-a-kind pieces.

They are made from English sycamore that is turned and then airbrushed with acrylic inks. They are ‘double blobbed’ with acrylic texture paste, that is individually applied by hand. They are finished with a non-toxic environmentally friendly oil and wax. The base of the stopper is a chrome plated cone with a rubber seal that fits a variety of bottle sizes. The entire length measures 4 1/4” long and 1” diameter at the largest point of the seal.

Each stopper comes wrapped in tissue with its own labeled black tube.

You can buy these Blobby Bottle Stoppers at Lokimonkey on Etsy.